What Does the PTO do for Moncure?

PTO logo

The Anne E. Moncure PTO is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the students and staff of Anne E. Moncure Elementary School.   Most parents know the PTO as the fundraising arm of the school – those people always asking for money – but we do a lot more than that. We host low-cost, community events such as the Moncure Second Helping Clothing Sale, Fall Festival, and Family Bingo. We also coordinate and provide assemblies for all the students. The PTO also organizes after school programs for our students. All of these events help foster a positive, fun, productive environment for the students and staff.

The PTO also provides supplies and technology to help our children succeed. It is our mission to fill in the gaps where county funding runs short. In the past, we purchased 10 “Little Bit” kits for our new STEM lab, successfully completed a funding drive to get Mr. Vita a new piano and paid for a rock wall. We have donated technology to ensure our teachers have the most current tools available to teach our children, such as Smart Boards, iPads, iPad carts, and Chrome Books.  In 2016, the PTO purchased 50 Chromebooks and 2 iPad Minis for our Moncure classrooms.

What else does the PTO do?


Staff Appreciation

Every month the PTO sponsors a staff appreciation event so our amazing staff knows how much we love them! Each month has a theme and we ask parents/guardians to bring in food related to that theme. We will post a sign up link on our Facebook page and our website so you can sign up to bring something. Our budget for these lunches is small so we appreciate all donations!


You haven’t had the full Moncure experience unless you have joined us for our Fall Festival or Family Bingo! These events are either free or low-cost and provide a great day or evening of family entertainment.

We also can’t forget our semi-annual clothing sale! Come shop for clothes/toys/furniture for your kids or sell the stuff that has been taking up too much space in your closet. This sale is fantastic and allows you to get your child(ren) name-brand clothes for a steal!


Assemblies at Moncure are always a blast! For the 2018-2019 school year, we had 3 different assemblies. First, the wonderful cast of Virginia Repertory Theatre presented two live performances of “The Frog Prince” for our students right in the cafeteria!  Many children have never seen a live play before, and seeing the awe on their faces was priceless!  Next, author Kevin O’Malley came to visit to tell and show us about his writing and illustrating processes.   Lastly, in the spring we were treated to a captivating presentation of “The Magic of Science” by MobileEd Productions!


You knew this was coming, right?! To have all these amazing opportunities for the children, we do have to participate in fundraising. We all already have enough wrapping paper, so we try to make fundraising as painless as possible. This year we are having a Bear Fun Run, selling discount cards for various businesses in our community, holding monthly Spirit Nights, and more!  Watch for more information on these events coming home soon.