Q & A


Q: Where do my items go when they are donated?

A: Your items will either be donated to the Moncure PTO or local charities.

Q: I’m new to consignment shopping.  What shopping tips do you have for me?

A: Consignment sales can feel overwhelming.  Thankfully, we’re all volunteers and we’re here to help you.  It’s best to come with a list of what you need so you don’t overbuy.  Also, bring a large basket or tote to carry your finds.  A lot of people gather a large pile of ‘maybes’, then find a quiet space to sort through and closely look at the items.  There are places to discard things you filter out.  It’s always easier to shop without your children so you can focus, but they are welcome at the sales as well.  Children always enjoy looking through our large selection of toys and books at bargain prices.

Q: If I have previously consigned and I had items that didn’t sell, how do I make the items active again?

A: Sign in to your account and do the following:

  • Click on “work with my consigned inventory”
  • Click on “work with inactive inventory”
  • Put a checkmark in the box in the “select” column of the items you wish to make active
  • Click on “make selected inventory active for upcoming sale”

Q: Do you only accept clothing to sell?

A: No!  We accept just about anything child-related that is seasonally appropriate for the sale and maternity items.

Q: What can’t I sell at the sale?

Personal items such as lingerie and undergarments.  We also do not sell recalled items, expired car seats/boosters or toddler potties.

Q: How should I price my items?

A: Since the items at our sale are second-hand, make sure to price at least 50% off retail.

Q: Do I need to hang up my clothing items?

A: Most clothes will be folded on tables.  However, dresses, halloween costumes and high-end outfits tend to sell better on hangers.

Q: What happens if I don’t pick up my items between 11am 12pm on the sale day?

A: Your items will be included in our discount period and then donated at 2:30pm if still unsold.

Q: What’s a discount period?

A: The discount period is when all items on the sale floor are marked down 50%.  It’s a great chance for you to have one more opportunity to make money from your unsold items.  When you are entering your items, make sure to click on the “discount” button.  If you decide not to pick up your unsold items at 11am on the sale day, your items will automatically be discounted.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept at the sale?

A: We accept cash, MasterCard and Visa.

Q:  Do you accept donations?

A:  YES! Just want to get rid of your stuff?  As always, we accept donations leading up to the sale.  Please be aware we may not have room to store large donations.