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Ready to declutter your home and make some money in the process?  Sign up to be a consignor with our sale and you’ll be getting money back for your used items!

We have the largest consignor percentages in the Stafford area!

65% if you just sell
75 % if you sell and work a 2 hr shift
80% if you sell and then work 2  2-hr shifts (each flyer route & the clean-up shift will count as 1 2-hour shift)

Ready to get started?

Make an account with our consignment website and start entering your items within minutes.  Click here for our Pricing Guide.

Drop-off is from 5pm until 7pm on Friday, October 4th.  Please check-in at the Consignor table or your goods won’t scan at the register.

Pick-up for Consignors is on Saturday, October 5th from 11am until 12pm.   All items not picked-up by 12pm will be discounted 50% and then donated if not sold.  There is no additional Consignor pick-up after the Discount Period.

We do have a couple important policies:

  • The deadline for entering items online is Thursday, October 3rd at 12pm.
  • Minimum consignment price is $.50.
  • Adhere sales tags to your items with safety pins or a tagging gun.  Your tags will depict where to adhere.
  • Please do not use colored paper to print your tags or shrink the size of your tags. The barcodes may not scan correctly if you do and we will not be able to sell your items.
  • Do not put tape over the barcode on the tag!
  • Do not use straight pins or adhesive stickers.
  • Use Ziploc bags for toys with small pieces. Seal games and puzzles with tape.
  • Outfits with 2 pieces should be safety-pinned together.
  • Infant and toddler shoes should be placed in clear plastic bags. Larger sizes should be tied together, securing tags with tape.
  • We will remove stained and torn items from the sale.  These will be put aside and available during Consignor pick-up.
  • Attempts will be made to search for items with missing tags in the sales database.  We cannot sell your items without a tag. Help us find your items by entering a good description in the database (e.g. Justice pink striped ruffle skirt vs. skirt).  Items with missing tags will be set aside and available during Consignor pick-up.

We will continue to have the DISCOUNT PERIOD that was very successful in the Spring sale. It’s an opportunity for you to still make money on the items that don’t sell during our regular sale hours. All items during the discount sale period will be 50% off.

What this means for Consignors: If you do not want your items discounted, you MUST pick them up between 11am and 12pm. There will NOT be an additional pickup period after the discount sale period. All items left on the sales floor at 12pm will automatically be included in the discount sale and will be donated if not sold.  All donated items will be sold to Savers to benefit the Moncure PTO or given to the Fredericksburg Food Bank.

There is a $12 participation fee that will be deducted from your profits.  Seller checks will be mailed no later than one month from the sale date. If a check has to be reissued to a seller, there will be a $50 charge.consignor webpage

The Moncure PTO cannot be responsible for:

  • Items not picked up or sold
  • Lost, stolen or damaged items
  • Any lost bins/bags that are brought into building

Click here for a Donation Receipt.