adopt a classroomK-12 Teachers spent $600 a year of their own money on classroom supplies. Adopt-A-Classroom helps offset these costs by funding the classroom materials that students need to learn and grow. Our Moncure PTO is again using Adopt-a-Classroom (AAC) program as a quick and easy way to raise these funds for our teachers. Over the years, we have raised thousands of dollars using the program! Please help your child’s individual class reach their $250 goal by donating. We will also be collecting money for the Specialists and Resource Teachers who do not have a homeroom class.

Every cent that you gives goes directly to your child’s classroom. Every teacher in our school is registered with the AAC system. The money is kept in an individual account on the AAC site for your teacher to log into and spend on educational supplies as he/she sees fit! If a particular item is not there, Adopt-a-Calssroom will help locate if for him/her. It’s as easy as that! Once your teacher has made a purchase you will be notified via email (if you donate online) of a report will be sent home.

Our year long goal is to have ALL of our teachers fully adopted. Watch us grow!! Please help make this possible. Let’s show our teachers how much we care and help raise the funds necessary to purchase educational materials for our children.

Donate online at ($25 minimum donation online only).  Click on the “Donors” button; the “Select a Classroom” button; type in “Moncure” and “Virginia” and our school will come up.  Click on our school name and a list of teachers will appear on the right side of the page.

If you have questions about this important program, please contact [email protected]