Moncure Market! Saturday September 18th, 9am-1pm

Until we can safely get back to our traditional Moncure Clothing Sale, we will be hosting a Moncure Market! Reserve a parking space for $25, or 2 spaces for $40 (cash or check made out to Moncure¬† PTO) You may sell anything within your space and keep all profit! Clothing, household items, and vendors of all sorts are welcome! Bring your own table, tarp, bins, or anything you need to display your items. Parking spaces will be marked off to indicate your reserved space. Please click the link below fill out the form no later than Tuesday September 14th to reserve your space. Contact Jolynn Bradshaw at [email protected] with any questions.–dGYgRl3YO4EtZm9huu8xnmw/viewform?usp=sf_link