Teacher & Staff Appreciation

September Teacher/Staff Appreciation Apple Bar

Wednesday, September 12th, drop your items off by 10:00 am

Mirror mirror on the wall who has the fairest school staff of all?

Moncure of course!!

Let’s not let our staff bite into a poison apple like Snow White, but instead, very sweet yummy ones!!

We are hosting an Apple Bar Appreciation Lunch that we would LOVE to have you help us by bringing in anything that screams “you are the apple of my eye”! Please click our sign-up link and you’ll find several different options for you to choose from to donate.  Our Lunch is being held on Wednesday, September 12th from 11am to 1pm.

Please drop off your Apple Dish to the front office by 10am that morning. Please make sure your item is in a disposable pan or your name is clearly labeled. We have plenty of room for crock pots.  If you have any questions, please contact Ashley Sanchez pr Melynda Moran, Teacher Appreciations, at  [email protected]. Thank you for supporting our Teachers and Staff at Moncure Elementary!

Next month on October 24th our theme is Toy Story’s PIZZA PLANET! Be ready to bring in anything and everything pizza related!