Smencils & Spirit Sticks

smencilsWe will be selling Smencils everyday from December 4th through the 8th.  We will sell Smencils ($1), Scratch N Sniff Crayons ($1), and Smens ($2) in the Front Hall from 8:30-9:00 am.  We will also have Spirit Sticks on sale for only $1 each (includes a carabiner clip)!  
Smencils and Spirit Sticks will be sold in the mornings from 8:30-9:00 am in the front lobby during these dates:
October 16th-20th
December 4th-8th
February 5th-9th
June 4th-8th

We will have several varieties of smencil scents including Inside Out, Finding Dory, Descendants, Frozen, Princess, Avengers and more.

We will also be selling the Spirit Sticks again this time. They are selling for $1. They clip to children’s backpacks and we will have Minecraft, Pokemon, emoji mystery packs, I love my school, animals, sports and many more.  If you need to order some in secret or to arrange a time to meet with us, please email for Smencils and for Spirit Sticks.

They kids love these and they make great gifts.  Get them while supplies last!

All proceeds from the Smencil sales will go back into Moncure to support critical program at our school, so stock up!  Thank you for your support!

         smencil crayons